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A photo of a Yorkie being checked out by a veterinary professional while being held by its pet parent

Emergency Check-In

Checking in for emergencies has never been so easy!

If your pet is presenting with a life-threatening condition, please enter the hospital immediately. If you are looking to schedule a specialty appointment for your pet, please call us at: (260) 426-1062.

Orange Cat Lying Next to Laptop

Due to the increased demand on our medical staff and our extended wait times, we have implemented an online/mobile check-in service for EMERGENCY visits. Our new online/mobile check-in allows for a more effective triage process while allowing clients to receive updates on current wait times.

Clients and pets who are waiting to be seen will be updated by text message through our client check-in system. Please opt-in for text messages, as they will only be used for direct communication.

Small dog with dog harness sitting in a car

After Registering Your Pet

Our team will review the information provided and triage your pet appropriately. Based on your pet’s assessment and our current ER capacity, you will be given an estimated wait time. If at any time you feel your pet is in need of immediate attention, please head to our hospital right away.

NIVES Check-In FAQ's

What if I decide I no longer want/need to have my pet seen?

Please text “9” to cancel your check-in spot or call the hospital and let us know so we can remove your pet from our waiting queue (260) 426-1062.

Are patients seen in the order they are checked in?

Once you check in and complete the patient history, we will review the information provided to better understand your pet’s medical needs. Based on that review we may advise you to come in at this time to be further assessed by one of our team members. Because of the increased demand for veterinary care, we must see patients based on medical priority and then the order in which they check in. Based on your pet’s assessment and our current ER capacity, you may be seen, you may place you on our waitlist or we may need to ask you to seek care at another veterinary facility.

Will you provide a wait time estimate?

Wait times are nearly impossible to predict, as we have no way of knowing when critical cases will arrive. Your wait time may change at any time and may be affected by a change in the status of currently hospitalized patients or due to the arrival of additional critical cases.

What happens if I opt-out of receiving text messages?

If you opt-out of text messaging, the registration form link will be sent to your email for completion. We will notify you via phone call when it is time for you to head to the hospital.

Examples Of Symptoms

Examples of typical Emergency symptoms

  • Difficulties in Breathing: short or shallow breath, increased effort, gagging, choking

  • Severe Trauma (hit by a car, fell out of a window, severe bite wounds)

  • Decreased responsiveness, unconsciousness, collapse, listless

  • Severe and painful lameness/broken legs

  • Severe vomiting and/or diarrhea with lethargy

  • Refusing food or water for more than 3 days with abdominal pain

  • Recent ingestion of a toxin or foreign body

  • Unproductive retching/vomiting, bloated abdomen

  • Straining and unable to urinate

  • White/pale gums

  • Snakebite with pain and swelling

  • Heat stroke

  • Hypothermia

  • Active seizures, 2 or more seizures in 24 hrs

  • Uncontrollable or serious bleeding

  • Not able to stand/walk

  • Intact female dog with increased thirst, vomiting, and severe lethargy

  • Euthanasia