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Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital

A photo of a Yorkie being checked out by a veterinary professional while being held by its pet parent

Emergency Check-In

Checking in for emergencies has never been so easy!

If your pet is presenting with a life-threatening condition, please enter the hospital immediately. If you are looking to schedule a specialty appointment for your pet, please call us at: (260) 426-1062.

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Due to the increased demand on our medical staff and our extended wait times, we have implemented an online/mobile check-in service for EMERGENCY visits.

If at any time you feel your pet is in need of immediate attention, please head to our hospital right away.

Examples Of Symptoms

Examples of typical Emergency symptoms

  • Difficulties in Breathing: short or shallow breath, increased effort, gagging, choking

  • Severe Trauma (hit by a car, fell out of a window, severe bite wounds)

  • Decreased responsiveness, unconsciousness, collapse, listless

  • Severe and painful lameness/broken legs

  • Severe vomiting and/or diarrhea with lethargy

  • Refusing food or water for more than 3 days with abdominal pain

  • Recent ingestion of a toxin or foreign body

  • Unproductive retching/vomiting, bloated abdomen

  • Straining and unable to urinate

  • White/pale gums

  • Snakebite with pain and swelling

  • Heat stroke

  • Hypothermia

  • Active seizures, 2 or more seizures in 24 hrs

  • Uncontrollable or serious bleeding

  • Not able to stand/walk

  • Intact female dog with increased thirst, vomiting, and severe lethargy

  • Euthanasia